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We're building a platform that brings volunteers, non-profits, and businesses together to simplify the act of doing good.
GoVoluntr: rethink good!


Hey Do Goodrs!

We started our GoVoluntr journey with the simple mission of making it incredibly easy and rewarding to volunteer and it has evolved into an incredible community of passionate Do Goodrs. Through the grind, we’ve made new friends and learned from so many of our users that GoVoluntr can be so much more than a simple platform for volunteering -- it’s a way to rethink good.

We’re really just a handful of guys who love doing good - so much that we give everything we have to making the community a better place. And despite giving it our all, we need help from our Do Goodrs, supporters, friends, and believers to bring it to the next level -- GoVoluntr 3.0.

Version 3.0 will integrate the feedback and use cases of our community into a fresh design, upgraded core features, and new unique tools that our users have told us would help make even more impact in the community.

We’re proud of the contributions we’ve put into our community and know that we can amplify our impact with your pledge. Needless to say, we love rewarding do goodrs who do good, so we’ve put together some really fun rewards for your pledges.


Kick In $10

Get a 4-Pack of GoVoluntr Stickers

Throw them on your computer, water bottle, or anything you want to make 7x more awesome. If you want two sets (8 stickers or 56x more awesome), $20. Do the math.


Kick In $30

Get a GoVoluntr Water Bottle

This is pure GoVoluntr in style. Not only will you be sporting an awesome GoVoluntr water bottle to keep you hydrated on the go and free from BPA, you'll also be helping someone in need. For every bottle purchased, GiveMeTap gives someone in Africa 5 years of clean drinking water!


Kick In $35

Get a Govoluntr T-Shirt!

Making doing good look good. Show your support when you’re out and about. Choose between 4 designs: GoVoluntr Logo, Robot, Pirate Ship, Superstar. 100% cotton and comfortable, so they’re great to wear when you’re volunteering.


Kick In $90

Get a T-Shirt 3 Pack!

Why settle for one design when you can have 3? Choose from 4 designs. 100% cotton and comfortable, so they’re great to wear when you’re volunteering.


Kick In $99

Get the Mix!

Want it all? 1 four pack of stickers and a 3 pack of t-shirts so you get every design.


Kick In $150

Get the Mix v2!

Want it all? 1 four pack of stickers and a 4 pack of t-shirts so you get every design. Plus, get the awesome GoVoluntr water bottle that funds water pumps in Africa!


Kick In $500

Get Lunch With the Founders

Have lunch with the Founders of GoVoluntr and The Mix pledge. We'll do the cooking and the dishes! Just come hang out with us, have a good time talking good, get sneak peeks, and tell us what you’d love to see in the future. Did we mention we have mad skills in the kitchen?


Kick In $1000

Get a Company Sponsored VPin

Show company pride while supporting a great cause. We'll help create a special GoVo VPin just for your company or team. Plus, everyone on the team gets the VPin added to their GoVoluntr account!


Pledge Any Amount

Pledge any amount to unlock a special VPin to your show your support on your GoVoluntr profile page.